Mission Statement
To provide our employer groups the best supplemental products and employee communication, combined with our unique knowledge and experience, enabling them to enhance the quality of benefits they offer their employees.

About Us
Workssite Benefits & Insurance, LLCWorksite Benefits and Insurance L.L.C. is a Utah based brokerage specializing in innovative approaches to voluntary benefits that help our clients maintain high levels of benefits while containing costs for both the employer and employee in this challenging economic  environment. 

Our Executive Team

Kenneth F. Hostetter
Managing Member of Worksite benefits and Insurance L.L.C.

  • Began his insurance career in 1981 with an emphasis on employee benefit programs. 
  • From 1989, Ken specialized in marketing individual health insurance nationwide to
    network marketing companies (MLM) including; Nu Skin International, Time Warner, Arbonne, Jafra, Usana, Morinda, Enrich, Nature’s Sunshine, and Neolife.  
  • Since 2001, Ken has been offering supplemental benefits under the banner of Worksite Benefits and Insurance L.L.C. with an emphasis on partnering with health insurance brokers. 

Lance D. Nielsen 
Director of sales for Worksite Benefits and Insurance L.L.C. 

  • Lance began his insurance career in 1991 as a life and health agent also providing
    investments for his clients.
  • Joined Distributor Benefits L.L.C. in 1995 as agent/customer service representative.
  • Supervises enrollment and is the agent trainer.

David G. Holmberg
Customer Service manager for Worksite Benefits and Insurance L.L.C.

  • David joined Distributor Benefits in 1999 helping to prepare the business plan to be 
    used to gain venture capital funding.
  • Is a licensed agent enrolling for Worksite Benefits and Insurance L.L.C.
  • His duties also include Customer Service manager.

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