Mission Statement
To provide our employer groups the best supplemental products and employee communication, combined with our unique knowledge and experience, enabling them to enhance the quality of benefits they offer their employees.

Why Worksite Benefits

Why Worksite BenefitsOur team experience spans more than 40 years beginning in 1981. We specialize in employee benefits including: health, life, disability income, accident, critical illness, medical gap and cancer.

We understand the challenges facing brokers, employers and employees in today’s uncertain benefit climate.

  • Employers are moving to higher deductible/out-of-pocket plans including HRA and HSA plans in order to contain costs.
  • Employees are struggling to pay their rising out-of-pocket costs in this challenging economy.
    Offering supplemental insurance can help.

  • Supplement core benefits without adding to the company’s budget.
  • Fill in the gaps of the employer’s current benefit package.
  • Provide multiple coverage options and personal choices based on the employees’ needs and budget.

We Use Multiple Carriers  

Instead of representing a single insurance carrier like AFLAC, Humana or Colonial, we represent multiple carriers in order to provide the most cost-effective benefit solutions for our clients. Some of the carriers we represent are: Washington National, Allstate, Assurity, American Fidelity, Transamerica, and Assurant.

Employee communication and Enrollment solutions

Worksite Benefits enrollmentIn order to accommodate our client’s enrollment needs, we provide a variety of employee communication and enrollment options:

  • One-on-one enrollments, laptop, internet based or spreadsheet.
  • Internet based remote enrollments (call center), voice stamped, or PIN enrollments.
  • We also provide an integrated approach to one-on-one benefit communication by combining both core and supplemental benefits enabling the employee to see the entire benefit picture and more fully appreciate the total benefit package offered by their employers.

Integrated benefit solutions save both employer and employee money

More than ever, supplemental benefits are playing a major role in benefits plan design.  As employers increase employee’s out of pocket costs by moving to plans with higher deductibles and out-of-pocket limits, employees find it more difficult to pay for these medical costs. Using low cost supplemental benefits to help pay for these medical expenses can relieve the burden of having to use up personal savings or credit cards for that purpose.

Group size niche

Our experience in sizes for employee groups has ranged from small groups under fifty employees, to large groups of several thousand employees.

Multi-state enrollment capability

Utilizing our call center and our internet-based enrollment tools, we can enroll employees located in over 40 states.

Our products

  • Medical GAP plans
  • Critical Illness Plans
  • Accident Plans
  • Short Term and Long term disability income
  • Cancer plans
  • Universal Life and Whole Life
  • Term Life insurance

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